teamLab internship

Waterfall Droplets, Flowing Down a Slope

May-June 2023
Interactive team
PMs, architects, computer vision engineers, and head art director

Problem space
Since 2016, Sliding through the Fruit Field has been an iconic part of teamLab’s repertoire, typically accompanied by an unlit set of stairs. For their exhibit opening in 2023, they had a newer and safer set of stairs to get onto the slide. teamLab felt that this space needed something else.

My role
Make something as simple as a set of stairs delightful.

My project, Waterfall Droplets, Flowing Down a Slope, delights children as of December of 2023 in Okinawa as a new part of teamLab’s repertoire.

What I did
I designed, prototyped and implemented advanced real-time graphics and interactions in Unity with HLSL, C#, and compute shaders. I collaborated with PMs, architects, computer vision engineers, and the head art director to make this possible. On the side, I also made contributions to a proprietary fluid simulation engine, and created a tree simulation library.

Waterfall Droplets, Flowing Down a Slope

A water molecule on its own is not liquid. In order for water to be a liquid, many water molecules must come together.

Because water molecules act like magnets, they stick to each other, forming a group of water molecules (a water cluster). Water clusters have an extremely short lifespan and are thought to be constantly being created and broken apart. They have a very dynamic structure and because of that, water can change into various forms.

Most living things and objects in this world, through properties that are more than the simple sum of the properties of their parts, appear as a whole.

teamLab, 2023
Interactive Digital Installation
Sound: Hideaki Takahashi