User research studies

Learning about users with testing, data, and ethnography

This page contains some work that focuses on user research. On top of that, here are some of the research methodologies that I’ve used in my projects:

Field studies
Paper prototyping
Generative research
Stakeholder interviews
Click tests
A/B testing
Usability testing
User personas
Journey mapping
Affinity diagramming
Service design
Systems thinking

Research Issues in Game Development, Fall 2022

How do people place things in VR? 

When creating a game, I wanted someone should be able to pick this game up and play it without any external instruction from the developers. By leading user research, my team addressed issues involving ergonomics, spatial awareness, motion sickness, and objective-based confusion. We used tools of paper prototyping and user testing.

Check out the project + our research insights here ︎︎︎
Bryce Li
Boyang Lin
Davis Wojnovich
Joseph Ayala
Qianru Zhang
Xinyu Zou

Research Methods, Spring 2022

How might we use blockchain to ensure that type designers are fairly compensated and recognized?

During this project, my team and I investigated the intersection of blockchain and type design. We interviewed blockchain enthusiasts, type foundries, and designers, and then compiled our findings with affinity diagramming. With our learnings, we created a basic blockchain-based app for crowdfunding type designers. If I had more time, I would redesign the interface of the app. 

Check out the process book here︎︎︎
Jiyeon Chun
Bryce Li
Susan Ni
Christy Zo

How People Work, Fall 2021

Food Insecurity @ CMU

Food insecurity can happen to anyone — even those who can afford food. Food security is a human right, and therefore food insecurity is at the fault of the system rather than the individual. It turns out that even students at CMU face considerable barriers to accessing good food on campus at fault of the design of the dining system.

We researched and identified these barriers and suggested interventions to improve the dining experience at CMU.

Systems, Spring 2021

COVID-19 Response In Pennsylvania

For a school project, our team of 4 analyzed various sections of the COVID-19 pandemic in Pennsylvania through the three horizons of past, transition, and future.

This project was accepted to the RSD10 Systems Mapping Symposium. 
Georgia Miller
Jasper Karup
John Henley
Bryce Li

Systems, Spring 2021

Analyzing Communities

How does the School of Design organize itself through physical space, hierarchy, and other interactions? What are the foundations of it as an institution, and what is it’s impact? This was a solo project where I mapped out our studio space in relation to these questions.