Product Design @ TuSimple

Launching products for the future of autonomous trucking


I do not wish to be contacted by reporters about my time at TuSimple in regard to the FBI/SEC/CFIUS investigation. Due to the fact that I worked with protected proprietary information, there are a lot of things I can’t show here. (eg. user research and detailed designs)

10 weeks
May - August 2022
Figma, Agile team, information architecture, user research, enterprise, usability testing

Me (product design intern), 1 product manager, 1 frontend developer, 2 backend developers, 1 QA testers, 4 test users

TuSimple︎︎︎ is a multi-billion dollar venture to commercialize autonomous trucking – the first and only one of its kind to go public and to achieve driver-out autonomy.

My primary internship project, Midgar, is a tool for the fleet operations team that improves scheduling by keeping hardware, firmware, and configuration data up-to-date and centralized in a digital warehouse. I worked with a cross-disciplinary Agile team to ship this product. With the mentorship of designer Janet Hwu, I learned about designing for enterprise products, user research, and working in an Agile team. 

Midgar made TuSimple’s operation data useful, understandable, and easy to work with. Some other projects during this internship included a statistics dashboard for simulation software as well as a company-wide design system for data visualization.

As the sole product designer on Midgar I worked on the following:
  • Conducted and summarized user research through user interviews, participatory design, and usability testing with prototypes
  • Wireframed, designed flows, delivered specs, and shipped projects through multiple phases of product development
  • Worked with developers to make sure implementation was fast and accurate
  • Performed QA review of implementation to ensure alignment with design intent

With the success of the first phase, Midgar grew to be a company priority that spanned many teams. Please contact me if you’d like to hear more about this project as a designer or a recruiter.