Spotify Apps


This app was an experiment with Spotify's API to show the distribution of your music tastes according to Spotify's algorithms that help make recommendations. Using Three.js, users see songs in their library plotted across abstract metrics such as mood, energy, and acoustic/synthetic qualities. To help users get a sense of where their favorite songs lie, some songs are highlighted.

Tools/Languages Used
  • Three.js
  • Django
  • JS
  • React

Try the app out here: (Previous version) (Under construction)

Charting Music
Individual songs are organized by abstract attributes such as acousticness, mood, and energy.
Listening Habits
Your top songs and artists are listed, and can be explored by hovering for a brief preview.

2021: Spotify Profiles 

Spotify Profiles is an app that lets you take a deep dive into your favorite artists. I created this for my 15-112 Term Project, a cumulative demonstration of programming methods and skills learned over the semester. During this project, I explored different ways to represent data and implementing visual design with basic graphics. Iexplored different data analysis algorithms such as implementing K-means clustering from scratch and using Scikit’s t-distributed Stochastic Neighbor Embedding to recommend and display songs. 

Tools/Languages used
  • Python
  • Pygame
  • Scikit
  • Numpy
  • cmu-112-graphics (TKinter)