Musicscape for AR

Using mixed reality to spatially visualize your music taste

This video has audio! 🎶️ (Song from artist Monster Rally)

In this project, I brought my Musicscape website to an AR space. If you’d like to learn about the original website, check out my page I wrote about it!

Musicscape for AR is a mixed-reality app that visualizes your music tastes on Spotify by abstract qualities such as mood, acousticness, and energy. Each song is a single dot that’s plotted on a three-dimensional graph according to these qualities.

Please reach out if you’d like to talk about this in-depth. 
Unity, C#, prototyping, data visualization, Figma, MRTK

2 weeks
Solo project


MRTK proved to be a valuable tool in the design process, as it allowed me to rapidly test out my ideas + get feedback. Here’s a list of some of the iterations that I shared to get rapid feedback. 

August 16
Initial iteration
August 21
August 22
Legend iteration
August 23
August 27
Popping iteration