Bryce Li
Product Designer

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Great Barrier Reef Survey of 2017 is a website that visualizes the biodiversity found around the reef. 2023 More is a website that visualizes your music tastes on Spotify in 3D. 2022 More
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Cloudwatching is your personal AI inspiration built for the Vision Pro. (WIP)

Flyn is an interactive sketch of what it might feel like to have AI assist your writing from a choice of different vibes.

Dungeon Creator is a fully-realized VR game where you build dungeons on your desk and play through them in full scale. 2022 More

Musicscape for Hololens is an interactive interaction sketch for the Hololens 2. 2022

Poet Tree is a social mobile app where you can co-create poetry with AI. I did this in high school in 2018. More

Midgar is a tool for AI trucks that I designed for TuSimple. 

OVBI Impact is a website for a nonprofit, visualizing the impact of donors on water security in India.

COVID-19 Response in Pennsylvania is a systems map addressing the wicked problems spanning access, inequality, misinformation, hospitals, capital, and governance. 

Accepted into the RSD10 Systems Mapping Symposium. 2021

Analyzing Communities is a system map showing how the school of design organizes itself through space, hierarchy, and history. 2021

Food Insecurity @ CMU maps the various challenges facing people at CMU who have limited access to healthy food. 2022

Festival of the Winds is an interactive brand identity of a kite festival. 2023

TEDxCMU Stories is a web experience where people share their moments on campus. 2021
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Moving betwen spaces explores how we think and move spatially. 2022

Flexible Studio is a booklet exploring how we organize our spaces. 2022

Hearth is a lamp made of paper. 2020

The Cat and the Mouse is a foundational calligraphy exercise. 2023

Diving into Microplastics is an interactive exhibit that educates people on the hidden world of microplastics. 2022 More

20ft inflatable, 2024

Mushroom fairy ring

Mark-o-Meter is a playful experiment that uses machine learning to pass judgement to the quality of your cubes. 2022 More

Bridging Time and Conversation is an imagination of what an AR campus tour might look like in the future. 2021 More

Mountains uses AI to create poetry in an immersive space from a single word. 2019 More

Untitled FPS is a game I made to teach myself how to code when I was a sophomore in high school. 2017

Natural Exploratorium is an illustrated visualization of a space for people to relax. 2021