Graphic Design Studies

Posters, type, motion, and colorful things

Moving Between Spaces

The prompt for this project is to model a method of navigation inspired by the experience of our morning routines. Each path on the diagram is a specific scenario that winds across a long list of decisions that must be made every morning.

Skills: Information modeling, graphic design

Flexible Studio

In the Spring of 2022, I studied how an environment changes our behavior and vice versa. Originally in the form of a brief presentation, I designed a booklet for this project.

Skills: Typography

Didot Typeface Study

This is a study about the Modern Serif typeface, Didot. I used animation to capture it’s characteristics, historical background, and contemporary usage. You can read the full process here. Fall 2022

Skills: After Effects, Illustrator, storyboarding, Unity/C#

This video uses audio. Please unmute! 🎶️

Campus AR Filter Concepts

There are colors surrounding campus in nature and architecture– by abstracting them, we can create color patterns that enhance campus and bridge from abstraction to reality. This is a quick exploration for an AR filter that can be used in festivals and tours to guide students around campus.

Skills: Procreate, color theory, photography

Colorful grids

In this project, I used color theory of hue and value to create harmonious color palletes with algorithms.

Try making your own color palettes at this live demo here!

Skills: P5.js, color theory