Gesamtkunstwerk means a “total work of art”, coined by Wagner and popularized by William Morris - founder of the American Arts and Craft movement.

Every time I play with new methods and disciplines, I expand my creative toolbox. These are my smaller projects & experiments. 

2021: The Hearth

The form of this light is inspired by the flame of a campfire– a hearth that brings a family together with hope and warmth.

Modeling, Industrial Design

2021: TEDxCMU Stories 

As part of the TEDxCMU Innovation team, I designed and built the experience for TEDxCMU’s project, Global Narratives. This website is a space where students from CMU can share stories responding to prompts across a map.

Live site here ︎︎︎

Firebase, Figma, React, Javascript, Leaflet-js 

2021: A Space to Reflect with Nature

As a school group project, I worked with a team of 4 to conceptualize and illustrate a nature-themed experience that visitors could walk through and interact with.

In the first room, visitors create custom fish that would be projected into a stream guiding them through the rest of the experience. This allows for visitors to carry a piece of personality and creativity along as they follow the stream on the ground towards the next rooms.

Illustration, Procreate, Spatial Storytelling

2021: COVID-19 Response In Pennsylvania

For a school project, our team of 4 analyzed various sections of the COVID-19 pandemic in Pennsylvania through the three horizons of past, transition, and future. 

Skills: Systems thinking, design research, Figma

2021: Analyzing Communities

How does the School of Design organize itself through physical space, hierarchy, and other interactions? What are the foundations of it as an institution, and what is it’s impact?

Skills: Systems thinking, design research, Unity, Sketchup, Figma

2021: Leatherback Sea Turtle

20 second animation depicting the look, behavior, and environment of the Leatherback Sea Turtle

This video uses audio. 🎶️

I also captured the forms of a Leatherback Sea Turtle using reclaimed plastic materials.

Modeling, storytelling, storyboarding, animation, After Effects, Illustrator, Procreate

2020: Apple Watch Animation

I prototyped a simple counting animation with Swift. 

Xcode, Swift, WatchOS & IOS

2020: Dots

This project is a realtime interactive filter made in Unity. People can move around in front of a webcam, and these movements create persistent visual traces within the screen through the wave-like motion of particles and changes in particle color.

Unity, C#, webcam effects, edge recognition

2020: Reflection

I was inspired by looking at raindrops and the ripples that caused dynamic reflection. I programmed a custom water ripple reflection effect in Unity and explored the interplay between the tranquility of organic water droplets and the colors of the background.

Unity, C#, Photoshop, HLSL, composition

This video uses audio. 🎶️

2017: High School Unity FPS

In my sophomore year in high school, I taught myself Unity and C# to create this first-person shooter game. In the process, I learned basic concepts of level design/world building, visual style, and interaction.

Unity, C#