Festival of the Winds

A type-driven brand identity with elegance and playful wonder 

I designed an identity system for Sydney’s annual kite festival, the Festival of the Winds. Using kinetic type and creative coding, I created a brand voice that invokes feelings of playfulness and wonder, evoking memories of a child at the beach looking up at the colorful shapes dancing in the air.

8 weeks
Spring Communication Design Studio

Festival of the Winds, 2019


The logotype utilizes connected ligatures reminiscent of kite strings.


Movement is inspired by physical qualities of kite flying, like gusts and currents of wind.


Discovering and playing joyful moments with dragging, hovering, and scrolling

Try it out at https://festivalofthewinds.netlify.app. There currently isn’t a mobile version.


Print explorations

Physical play through posters

Concept 1.
A poster that turns into a kite.

FRONT ︎︎︎

BACK ︎︎︎
Concept 2a.
A long poster with kite stickers that doubles as a jumping contest.

Concept 2b.
Poster at scale; intended to make you look up and jump.