Camband is a product concept designed to aide communication between teachers and students with learning disabilities through positive feedback and recognition of frustrations. 

I created this project in my senior year in high school. It was one of my first experiences with industrial design. 

Who I designed this for and why

For Cam, who cannot communicate his frustrations

Cam is a first grader with a learning disability I worked with volunteering at an art camp. He gets frustrated with things like getting his hands wet with paint or glue, which can cause him stress. Since Cam has trouble communicating, these frustrations and stress can build up without constant observation and quick response.

This device can detect these frustrations through biometric data to give signals to caregivers so they can help identify these frustration points before it builds up too big. The device’s shape of a fox is warm and friendly for children.
For Emily, who uses rubber bands to give positive feedback

Emily is Cam’s caregiver, and a key part of her communication with Cam is through using positive feedback. Every time Cam has positive behavior that Emily wants to reinforce, she gives him a rubber band.

I created glowing stripes on the band that would light up for Emily to give positive signals to Cam.

Fox shaped design with reward system using light stripes

Light glow with LEDs: caretakers can reward users like Cam who demonstrate good behavior, which will light up a stripe on the back of the fox.

Biometric and spatial data is transmitted to the caretakers device: this includes heart rate, temperature, and location.

Proactively notify the caretaker if frustrations arise through data analysis of data.