I love beautiful things that work well.

I’m looking for internships for the summer of 2023. I will graduate in May 2024 with a Bachelor of Design and a minor in Human-Computer Interaction.

I’m currently working with the CMU Entertainment Technology Center to design for education in AR spaces, and I worked at TuSimple as a Product Design Intern this summer. I am also building tight-knit communities as an RA.

I enjoy creating effective and beautiful products with empathy and compassion for users, thoughtful design, and an intimate understanding of the technology needed to build something. For these reasons, I excel in launching products with cross-functional teams. 

Human design
Product/UX design
User research
Mobile, desktop, web, XR
New realities
Unity (2017-now)
XR dev (MRTK/Oculus)
3d modeling
New frontiers
Designing for AI
Graphic design
JS, Java, Python,

Stuff I’m doing right now

December 2021

IxD Researcher
CMU Entertainment Technology Center

I work on the development and design of AR educational tools for iOS platforms. Additionally, I contribute to brand identity, user research, tech demos, and educational outreach for the ETC.

October 2022

VR Researcher
CMU Design Spatial Experience Lab

I’m building an immersive experience for the School of Design using motion tracking (Optitrack), advanced graphics, and VR. I am working with Professors Daniel Rosenberg Munoz and Dina El-Zanfaly.

August 2022

Resident Assistant
CMU Office of Residential Education

As an educator, university citizen, peer advisor, and administrator, I’m building a community through leadership, conflict resolution, and promoting wellness.

Stuff I did 

May 2022
    August 2022
Product Design Intern

I designed data-dense tools for engineers, managers, and testing teams working on autonomous trucks. I also conducted user research/testing, oversaw development, and shipped multiple products within a cross-functional Agile team.

June 2021
    August 2021
Teaching Assistant
CMU Design Precollege

During the School of Design’s summer precollege program, I assisted in teaching classes and led workshop sessions for students. Some topics included design drawing, experiential design, photography, product thinking, and graphic design as well as an introduction to student life at CMU.

June 2020
    August 2020
UX Intern
Aloki Design

I worked closely with board members of a nonprofit, OVBI Water, to design a new web experience for donors to be more connected with their impact in rural India. I conducted user research including interviews, user personas, and journey mapping.