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I’m currently working with the CMU Entertainment Technology Center to design for education in AR spaces, and I’m working at TuSimple as a Product Design Intern this summer. 

Photo taken with document scanner, March 2022
I’m an interdisciplinary designer and a self-starter – my AI project, Musicscape, and many other projects in my portfolio are examples of this. In Color class, the assignment was to create a color palette– but for fun and to abstract my learnings about color theory, I wrote a program that would create dynamic palettes. Every time I play with new methods and disciplines, I expand my creative toolbox.

Growing up in Silicon Valley, I’m always watching and learning from emerging technology; I enjoy connecting this with design in the service of people. In my recent school project, the requirement was to create an AR campus tour. Because I think privacy is very important in that experience, I designed a blockchain-based system which empowers students to control their private data displayed on the tour. My AI poetry projects are a series of experiments on Human-AI co-creation, beginning with an art piece using an RNN and now with a VR experience using GPT-2.

I believe that design should be empathetic and responsible. I was inspired to design a wearable device for children with autism after working with them in high school. Recently, I designed an immersive exhibit bringing awareness of the danger of microplastics and how they can be reduced.

I love beautiful things that work well. I’m constantly learning how to perfect my craft through interactivity, form, color, typography, composition, animation, and all the considerations that make a design a work of art.